The effective distance for making the most quality pictures displayed on the screen is about 35 cm. Easy to take away, ideal for travel and home use. Currently the phone is offered by Sprint , Claro , U. Review Motorola C Motorola C, live pictures Standard kit Handset Battery Charger Manual Motorola fixed its positions after releasing C that became the cheapest phone with color screen on the market. Judge it by yourself, when you are buying a phone with built-in camera you are expecting to use it, and view the pictures on the screen, and transfer them to PC only after that. The Slvr L2 was introduced in

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It will not repeat the success of its predecessor, although will still be popular, and the sales will be high.

The same as Quick dial, but only 3 phone numbers can be assigned to it. Please send mi a massage.

Mini size and light in weight. Other criticisms are when the battery is low: There have also been some criticisms of the 3rd generation Moto G. High quality charger for Motorola C with good design, perfect charging, high efficiency and low energy consumption. You can see one week on the screen.


Motorola Slvr – Wikipedia

We think that a limitation is time of picture drawing, not time of information read-out. Similar to the original Slvr, this CDMA version offers a Sprint or Motorola music player which can hold as many songs as the size of the memory card in the phone.

The IPX7 water resistance moforola among smartphones in its price range at the time was also praised by reviewers. This model has nice realization of dialing process from the stand by mode.

You have the ability to see all entries in the mode, when one name will reveal all numbers hidden in it mobile, home etc.

Review Motorola C550

Motorola phones and smartphones by series. Eldar Murtazin eldar mobile-review. Moyorola key navigation is not present, and since the menu is rather big — this causes certain difficulties. On the other hand you have the ability to place all menu items the way you want, and this is convenient.

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Five templates are present, composing the new ones and sending the old ones is not hard. Who can help me?? Retrieved 28 July Nokia 3 Nokia 5 Nokia 6 Nokia 6 Nokia 6. Both models have the screens as their weakest parts that force the presence of built-in camera to a not so important factor. When you receive MMS from other phones, you will most likely be forced to scroll the picture, since it is too big to be displayed on the screen.


The company will try to repeat the successful experience once again, by offering the cheapest phone with built-in camera.

You can setup the way the picture will look like during the shooting process Colour, Black and White, Bluish, Antique, Reddish, Greenish.

The new item in Media-center menu is Camera. Voice recognition works correctly. The complete Motorola Slvr L7 list of specifications are: This difference will be kept in future.

The various model designations are for different markets and case styles. Motorols is an upgrade motorila the L7e, with an improved camera and FM radio. The Slvr L9, known as the L72 in Asia, features a 2.

All items are formed round, and you list the whole menu in turn. Total of user reviews and opinions for Motorola C A user can find all settings connected with rings here, nothing special. Hello Mera order nahi ha kua.