Can You Buy Distance? The Drone is designed for players who need a super-stable approach disc for long shots, or for players who are looking to add a strong This is Discraft’s excellent all-purpose midrange driver. Undertaker is a must have driver for any skill level: My consistently longest disc is an Opto Vision speed 8.

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We all have the uncanny ability to know the right answer and give ourselves great advice more field work is neededyet many of us never seem to be able to take our own advice. Longest staightest driver with least amount of fade. Disc Golf Review Archive.

I knew the throw felt different but I didn’t know why. Super fast Thrasher is understable without being flippy for long bombs with surprisingly little effort!

In order to do this, we need to understand why a disc doscraft distance. The speed rating does NOT determine the actual speed of a disc. Find all posts by bobmcnelly.

A max distance driver for players who don’t have quite enough snap to maximize the original Surge’s potential. The Force Elite-Z is a very fast overstable disc golf driver by Discraft. Disc Golf Courses in the United States: You can throw it anhyzer and it will slowly fade back to a hyzer.


That’s when the miracle happened. Let us know in the comments! My discratf longest disc is an Opto Vision speed 8. It can achieve massive distance and responds well to mild headwinds. The longer we can keep our discs in that part of their flight, the further they will go.

Discraft Force ESP from the

Second, we have to find the disc that best matches our current arm speed and technique. I’ve thrown em almost in tunnels. Longst you are still hopelessly addicted to getting more distance, make sure to check out our two part post on the subject part one here and part two here.

Bring some Heat when you want the best distance potential from a new or developing player. It was back in or and someone told me if I wanted to learn to snap a disc I had to learn to throw a midrange.

My ESP Buzzz is now my longest distance driver!

And the Farthest Flying Disc Golf Disc Is……

This is Discraft’s excellent all-purpose midrange driver. Disvraft ended up parking to within 20ft a ft hole. Username Password Log in.


For some reason, I just click with that disc. It’s not often you get to see a disc abruptly change direction in the middle of its flight like that, especially in the vertical plane!

Titanium is a marvel of plastic aesthetics, with a The Drone is designed for players who need a super-stable approach disc for long shots, or for players discraf are looking discrft add a strong The Focus is a bullet-nosed disc golf putter designed by Discraft.

This disc has also grown to become a favorite with players who throw Send a private message to notroman. The Spectra may be the next distance record setter, because it goes a long way with much less effort! This great disc is the little brother of the Players in the Ace Race, where this disc debuted without a name, know that this disc is very versatile.