See your personal pricing, order history, documents and other useful information. Monitor a few refrigerators, to large multi-site research institutions with the flexibility of cloud, or the security of a wired system. A quality assurance database growing with your needs: To prevent fraud and abuse of data, the logger has a password option. Cost-efficient, validated, secure and convenient. Intuitive cloud SaaS central database to make your life easier.

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Elpro Libero PDF Datalogger

Log in now or register Get the job done faster online. Product Documents nl Datasheet pdf Brochure pdf Handleiding pdf. Cost-efficient, validated, secure and convenient. Monitoring Solutions and Services for Healthcare We help you protect what lihero most — your patients. We help you protect what matters most — your patients. Cryo Container No software necessary at destination. Hello There are items in your cart. Your trusted global partner in environmental monitoring.

Multi-level PDF Logger with internal probe for direct placement in dry ice.

Working with multi-national pharmaceutical companies is an around the clock, around the globe job. Uwb temperature datalogger for evaluation without specific software. Contact our team of monitoring and validation experts in every corner of the globe. In ElproLOG software the pdf reports can be exported in the lay out of your choice.


Blue-Sky Independence – Upgrade to the best in class monitoring solution to optimize your supply chain. Backup System In case of emergency. Use our pre-configured data loggers and become GxP compliant instantly.

We dream of a world where all medicines are safe. Ready to hit a homerun. Contact us today and start monitoring your supply chain tomorrow. Logistics Evidence Commercial and clinical trial shipments with one or hundreds of compliant data loggers. Highly liibero remote mapping service for storage facilities and laboratory equipment.


Our proven PDF data logger family covers all common requirements for monitoring products in transit — from refrigeration to room temperature, dry-ice and humidity all the way to cryogenics. ELPRO’s central monitoring system is your best friend and project manager all rolled into one. Reliable and ready-to-use data loggers for backup in case of emergency or unforeseen circumstances. Meet the smartest, most affordable long-term indicator on the market.


A quality assurance database growing with your needs: Definitive data, when you need it most. Do you want to monitor the temperature at which your products are stored within individual refrigerators or at remote sites?

Reliable and easy to handle data loggers for fridges and freezers. The easiest way to a state-of-the-art. Monitor thousands of cold chain shipments the simplest and fastest way possible — without installation or configuration. Commercial and clinical trial shipments with one or hundreds of compliant data loggers.

LIBERO Data Loggers with PDF Reporting

Product Added to Quote Remove from Quote. ELPRO offers peace of mind to hospitals, clinical sites and pharmacies. Thermal Mapping Services GxP-compliant mapping study.