List of combination of peripheral devices As shown in the table below, some other peripheral devices B may be needed for installation of a peripheral device A and some peripheral devices cannot be installed together. The sensor level is set without document on the document table. Maintenance and parts replacement No. The combined mode of 0 – 6 mode and 10, 20, or 30 mode can be set. Used to check the result of the touch panel LCD display detection position adjustment. Document Filing Function Also lights up or blinks when printing is being performed.

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Setting The Printer Driver m351i This shows the current job and the jobs waiting to be run. Fuse PWB 1 Remove the screw, and remove the rear cabinet.

Fax expansion kit AR-FX12 4. Mirror home position sensor b.

Other Related Items Press to display at current job status. Use to enter numeric values for various settings. The contents are subject to change without notice.


Connect the scanner unit connector with the printer connector, and fix m531u connectors with two screws attached to the connector. Doing so may damage your eyes.

Sharp AR-M351U AR-M451U AR-M351N AR-M451N Printer User Manual

When communication trouble occurs between the host computer MODEM m351y the machine, the self diag display U is printed and setting for inhibition of print or not is made. DV blade 1 Remove the DV cartridge.

SPF document resist front sensor 5 a Scanner unit fixing screw 5 Connect mm351u cable. Transports paper to the transfer section. Other Operation Original cover status Open: G Book Copy Scanner interface PWB 3 Remove the scan motor.

Used to enter the SPF width detection adjustment value. Calling Up A Job Program Used to adjust the document size sensor sensing level.

Sharp AR-M351U – Printers and MFPs specifications.

The toner images formed on the OPC drum are transferred to paper by the transfer roller. Used to adjust the scanner exposure level in the super fine text mode. Compression Mode At Broadcasting Production number identification C. About The Web Page The similar adjustment m351k be performed with SIM simple method.


Sharp AR-MU Printers and MFPs specifications

Used to adjust the scanner scan position in the SPF mode front scan. Used to check and adjust the operations of the developing voltage of each color and the control circuit.

Number Indicates the end digit of the production year.

G Key Operator Program List Cautions for servicing 1 Do not touch the photoconductive drum. Installing Procedure Flowchart Residual toner removed from the OPC drum surface is transported to the recycle toner collection section in the toner cartridge by the waste toner transport screw.

Print test For one scale one grooveshift by 0.