As for the mouse replacement, we would describe it as very precise and pleasant. Surfing via WLAN in good to maximum brightness is also impressive. The competition in the netbook sector is vast. Whilst the established rates look very promising on both the MSI Wind U’s upper and bottom side in an idle state, it unfortunately changes under continuous system load. But the Wind U in Fancy Gold isn’t bad, either. When you compare the benchmark rates, the Wind U isn’t much better or worse than current netbooks of other manufacturers that have been reviewed by us recently. The till now really rather acceptable impression is dimmed by following two points.

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The netbook equipped with a Windows 7 starter operating system, is delivered with a warranty period of 24 month incl. Desktop performance for Windows Aero. Consequently, it will be necessary to frequently adjust the display regularly. Common office applications usually put a demand on the device far below the level of our stress test, which rather simulates extreme conditions.

MSI Wind UEU – External Reviews

MSI’s logo on the display’s back in the dark. Disk data transfer rate. The included lithium Ion battery with a capacity of 65 WH If you acquire a netbook and expect the performance of a notebook, you’ll also be disappointed by the MSI Wind U When you compare the benchmark rates, the Wind U isn’t much y160 or worse than current netbooks of other manufacturers that have been reviewed by us recently.


These little flaws can simply be avoided with a stereo system, active boxes or good headphones, as aforementioned.

Aside from the fan characteristic, or rather fan control, the directly related temperature emissions mso reason for complaint. The display is kept in place stably by two small hinges that teeter a bit. A Western Digital 2.

Even older games with simple, wimd too demanding graphics are possible to a certain extent, and if they don’t require a dedicated 3D accelerator. The small ten inch netbook has the most important ports that are needed for everyday use. Design is balanced, workmanship is suitable.

MSI logo on the display’s back. Aside from the chic looks, the Wind U can convince with a good workmanship, a good battery life, an adequate connectivity and high-end input devices. Namely by the little MSI Wind U’s system noise and temperature emissions, which might be crucial viedo a purchase decision. The Wind U is provided with a Bluetooth module as another communication option.

Thus, dimming and color deviations turn up very quickly on the display already when the horizontal viewing angle is altered, or even on both the vertical and horizontal plane when the sitting height is changed.

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Review MSI Wind U160 Netbook

The reproduced sound is sufficient, despite the small size, just like the device’s maximum volume. Our test sample is ideal for cideo the www – no matter if over hot spots, due to the integrated WLAN module, or the classic LAN cable.


You can only see something on the display with a lot of effort. The fan’s noise increases to an average of The Wind U is available in two different colors.

MSI Wind U160-023EU

However, if this fact is clear and the expectations in regards to performance are according, you can have fun with the MSI Wind U The mobile energy supplier comes first to its end after five hours and 44 minutes. The chiclet i160 matches to the overall concept. Just like the good battery life.

As for the design, the Wind U is available in two alternatives called Fancy Gold and Jet black by the manufacturer. The workmanship has to be mentioned positively here, too. Talking about internet wibd mobility: In regards to viewing angle stability, the built-in screen also reveals weaknesses. Please share our article, every link counts!