The ‘s high resolution 7. These modes are shown on the screen, enabling users to choose whether to activate the camera in Auto or Program. Noise The following images illustrate the amount of digital noise apparent at each ISO setting. The flash modes are Auto automatic activation in low and backlight , red-eye reduction, fill-in forced activation , off no flash. The camera’s shutter lag is convenient and there was virtually no delay. The camera’s lens is an F3.

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Focusing can be a 700 hit and miss. The screen is made up of aroundpixels. I definitely prefer optical image stabilisation compared to the digital version.

Olympus Mju Digital Camera Review

Its look and feel is great for those who are searching for a light-weight camera to carry along with them all the time. Macro Mode This macro close-up mode allows closer focussing throughout the whole zoom range, from about 20cm at the wide end of the zoom and as close as 50cm at the telephoto end. It’s bright, usable in even very bright conditions but suffered from heavy reflections so it could be improved with an anti-reflection coating.

Via subjects, you can access tips that tell you which adjustments are important for achieving the best exposure for your chosen subject. You have chosen to save the following item to a parts list:. This means that more data is available to return a considerably brighter live view on the LCD with better colour reproduction and less noise.


Verdict The well-thought-out design of the Olympus Mjumakes it a very easy camera to use. This is where a purple line is added to the edges of very light objects.

In the automatic mode, the camera takes control of all exposure settings, leaving you free to decide on the composition of your shot.

Olympus Mju 700 digital camera

Sometimes it is needed to correct the automatic exposure of the camera. Colour rendition is natural while focusing seemed a tad awkward in macro or super-macro settings or when shooting in low lighting. Fujifilm XF10 Review 11 Oct By the time the setting is increased to ISO the end result leaves a lot to be desired.

There is also a 5x digital zoom function. No need to register first, just simply fill in 7000 form and we will add your personal opinion and camera rating in our user review section. There is no viewfinder. The Autofocus also performs brilliantly in low light. It is a pity that an extensive language package is not included as a standard feature so that beginners can simply select their 70 language. It is weatherproof and the in camera help guide is likely to be very useful to people who would miu a little help with their photography.


Display screen The large 2. Olympus Mju Infromation display.

Olympus mju 700 digital camera

For the indoor portrait the MJU manages to produce a more sharply focused shot than many digital cameras, but this is an example where I feel the photo is under exposed. The ‘s high resolution 7. In this mode you can get as close as 8cm ,ju your subject, which isn’t very close at all. In addition, the other settings give access to white balance, ISO, serial or single pictures and light metering.

In this photo there is a loss of brightness in the photo as you move away from the centre.

Finally ISO displays lots of noise, and a fairly significant loss of detail, but it is there if you need it as a last resort. In terms of design I would describe the camera as stylish.

The screen is used to show a variety of indicators such as low battery warning, memory card space and a histogram. Olympus Mju digital camera deals.

Mju BrightCapture technology. Good control of 700 up to ISO This well-thought-out design really aids the usability of the camera. The video clips that are recorded are with sound.