Download the live DVD images from here: Click the Start button. The word freeware is used universally to refer to software that is simply without cost, whereas the phrase free software loosely refers to software that is more properly called open-source software, licensed under some type of open source license such as the GPL. These are called “primary” partitions in Linx and are numbered 1 to 4. You may need to set your system to boot from the medium first, see Troubleshooting below for details. Download and install the Unetbootin Windows package from the Unetbootin home page listed below. A script is a simple text file that can be written directly from a keyboard, and consists of a logically sequenced series of operating system commands.

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These files are usually very large, so plan to wait for some time depending on your machine, connection and web traffic. If coming from Windows, be sure to consult Section 3. Newer versions for Linux are available from Sun’s website.

MEPIS 11.0.12 Users Manual

An applet may also contain another applet known then as a containment. Click Add or Remove Programs. Setting up a home network is a fairly straightforward task. Click on the Share tab, then on the button Configure File Sharing.

Solvusoft: Microsoft Gold Certified Company

To find out your current major kernel version name, open a terminal and type:. Good luck and have fun! Compiling instructions are included in the compressed file that contains the source code.


If you are new to MEPIS and especially if you are new to Linuxit is recommended that in general you stick with the default repositories at first, with the exception of the multimedia repository that you will need to enable for proprietary-format codecs see Section 8. For personal customization, mepia final Wiki link.

Warren has done a nice job to configure the package to detect the most common hardware and install lots of useful software. To solve particular problems, advanced users sometimes make use of kernel patches. The file is actually very simple in format and syntax, and not hard to edit in the event that other tools fail.

Try burning again at a slower speed. Pleawe allows detailed control of a Users account. You can then move and configure the new panel as if it were a normal one.

The most important practice is to back up your data and configuration files regularly, a process that is easy in MEPIS Linux. But what exactly is a partition? A method invented by Bram Cohen to distribute mepsi files without the need for a single individual to provide the hardware, hosting and bandwidth resources required.

In the dialog box that appears, select a widget. From there you can simply type:. Directions on use in the Manual listed below. As the developer explains: For details, follow the Wiki link below.


: MEPIS Linux

MEPIS Linux does not come with default applications already installed for designing web pages, but several are available from the repositories:. To make it more convenient, you can mount it to another location.

Page 7b Configure Clock: One of the first problems many new Linux users struggle with is pleawe the filesystem works.

There are various ways to rip music, of which the easiest is to use K3B directly. Backing up email, calendar, and contact mdpis Depending on the email or calendar program you use, your email and calendar data may not be saved in an obvious location or under an obvious file name.

The initrd option refers to an initial RAM drive, a virtual hard drive created in the system’s memory that allows the kernel to load special driver modules required to read the boot device hard drive. Hover your mouse cursor over the widget until a translucent frame appears around the widget, showing a number of symbols. A user interface of some sort needs to serve for input and control.