And i saw this circuit yesterday. Use an adeguately thick wire, and expect it to melt mercilessy when you ram up the power. I am looking for a way to create ozone generators and this would be a perfect option. Once an arc appears, after bringing the secondary wires close enough, frequencies shoot up to over kHz in 2 of them and over kHz in the other perhaps due to feedback from the arc to my frequency meter? Hello Mads and Dylan. Hey KhaSieu and Dylan Good results, all you need now is a higher supply voltage or more secondary coil windings for getting longer arcs.

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Hope my info helps! January 19, at October 24, at Normal 1A ultrafast diodes are OK. A zvs driver is very finiky and if you may not like to replace your mosfets every time you change something.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Oh God, sorry everybody, I find out that I picked up resistors with wrong value.

Flyback Transformer Drivers

From an earlier revision, I had the mosfet sandwiched between two Peltier devices connected to respective fanned heatsinks because I thought the heat mazzilki be killing them. Do you use active cooling for the transformer? If your tank voltage is high but you have no current draw, then the tank cap is too small or your amzzilli has too many winds, its easy to check which is the coulprit.


Hello Mads, Thanks for all of your awesome work.

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So my question is this I suppose. Fewer turns mean higher voltage, but increased mosfet power dissipation. I really don’t think I was drawing 30 amps, but I guess if they failed, it did. Many schematics offer a value of or Ohms. Something to jolt the evil doer.

Mazilli ZVS flyback driver | Kaizer Power Electronics

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Never the less, the ZVS driver can accomplish loads of current in lots of different ways. Measure the frequency, if its high then your tank cap is too small and if the freq is mazziloi then you need less primary turns.

It should give the high voltage but at less current. Try 1uFthen 1.

I measured the capacitance of the bulging caps with my cheap Chinese LCR meter and it said 0. They are easy to scavenge from old TV sets. January 11, at Not sure of make flybcak exect details either because i bought them on sale at a local electronics shop.


Oh I know that it was designed by Vladimiro Mazzilli and I have given him credit in the description. Hi Andrew and Dylan Dylan covered about everything. November 5, at TV flybacks are generally designed for upper audio frequencies, which is the cause of the high pitched noise heard from a muted TV. And i saw this circuit flyabck. I rebuilt the circuit on a piece of stripboard, and attached the MOSFETs with screw terminals so that they can be easily replaced.

But they can also be without.

Mazilli ZVS flyback driver

I also decreased the pull-down resistors from 10 kilo ohms to 1 kilo ohm because I wasn’t sure if the voltage would drop off the gate fast enough at kilohertz with the given parameters of the gate capacitance, gate resistors, and the By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. July 10, at More turns on the secondary side will also increase your voltage output. You can check for a frequency by replacing the flyback with a speaker.