Aside from the issues that we mentioned in the previous paragraph, the panel in the E6 was free of any uniformity, discolouration or other issues and just delivered a lovely image. Certified Buyer , Dhule District. The inch Samsung CF is a great size for gaming, pairs well with midrange Radeon No Included video cables? You own this Total However when watching the exact same scene in HDR 10 the sun is clipping and appears as a patch of colour with no definition or detail – which is the one on the bottom right.

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This plate can also be removed and the entire TV including the built-in soundbar can be wall mounted using a x Vesa bracket. There is a shot in the scene where the sun is setting behind a mountain and in the Dolby Vision version the sun is a clearly defined circle – you can see the Dolby Vision version in the left hand side image below.

Aside from the issues that we mentioned in the previous paragraph, the panel in the E6 was free of any uniformity, discolouration or other issues and just delivered a lovely image.

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There is also limited Dolby Vision content available and at present the only source in the UK is Netflix. The curves are 2066w and easily accommodates different holding posi How future-proof is this TV? The OSD has a blissfully short learning curve and offers the usual adjustments, including brightness, contrast, gamma, and color temperature.

LG have also made improvements in this area and although it was still apparent if we went looking for it with test patterns, we were never aware of it when watching actual content. The mode also deviates from the industry standards, resulting in images that can appear over-saturated and highlights that kg appear blown-out. Interestingly unlike the HDR Modes, the OLED Light defaults to 50, rather than ; although changing it didn’t seem to make any difference and the majority of settings were greyed out.


It could have been better and there were some minor errors, especially in terms 206s the hue of magenta and the saturation of red but overall this was an impressive performance.

As far as the E6 was concerned, the Dolby Vision content was definitely superior to the same scenes on the Ultra HD Blu-ray because in HDR 10 the E6 was clipping highlights and skewing the colour gamut.

Although we didn’t have any issues with image retention on the E6 with normal content, when using HDR test patterns we did occasionally see image retention, although it quickly went away. The size of the panel and the width of the soundbar certainly helped, resulting in an open front soundstage that had plenty of stereo separation.

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The preloaded battery makes it convenient and ready to use instantly. The tiny bluetooth receiver USB dongle can be found inside the battery compartment.

206s majority of the issues that have affected OLED TVs in the past have been addressed by LG, although the E6 does still struggle slightly with detail just above black. Perhaps most importantly Dolby Vision is a closed system, which means that Dolby control every aspect, from the mastering of the content to the final display.

It’s ergonomically designed to be easily used with one hand and as a result controlling the user interface on the TV was seamless. We’ve changed, we promise. The incredibly slim Picture on Glass panel is only 6mm wide at the top, broadening out gl 57mm nearer the bottom where the electronics are housed. Promises what it supposed to be. However the E6 struggled with HDR 10 material at the other 206d of the dynamic range spectrum and 206a OLED was incorrectly mapping content which resulted in clipping.

Yes, my password is: Kg rearwards-facing connections are comprised of AV inputs that use break-out cables for composite and component video input, along with analogue audio. The effect of motion smoothing is very much a matter of personal preference and you are certainly free to experiment with TruMotion when watching sports content but we would always recommend leaving TruMotion off for film-based content.


HDR Effect can’t add what isn’t there, so although an image may appear to have brighter highlights, the detail in those highlights may be missing when compared to the same scene actually graded in HDR. You can also change various picture settings, allowing you to customise the experience based on your personal preference. You can simply plug the LWU directly into a USB port on your PC and have it function as the 206e display, as a mirror of your current display, or as an extension of your current display.

To improve this performance LG have built a slight dip 206d the gamma curve 20w6 above black that reveals more detail but you might also need to 206 the Brightness control up a couple of notches to avoid additional crush, depending on your viewing environment. The E6 has a built-in 2.

If for some reason you find the larger remote unwieldy or too complicated, there is also 2206w smaller remote control included that offers a stripped down set of buttons that covers the most frequently used functions.

High Dynamic Range The Ultra HD Alliance has created two separate set of criteria when certifying displays for Ultra HD Premium status and these reflect the inherent advantages and disadvantages of those particular display technologies.

That means the E6 can deliver black levels lower than 0. The connections are located just above the soundbar, on the bottom left hand side as you face the screen. The B6 uses a flat screen, has four HDMI inputs but doesn’t support 3D; so which you choose will largely depend on how you feel about curves, soundbars and 3D.

A quality battery Tcbest brand comes along with the mouse.