Fishing So with all that water, where do you start? How about Indoor Climate Controlled? We have applied this principle to our boat club, and it works nicely. Our passion is Antique Wood and Classic Boats. Welcome to Metro Lakes Marina! You can fish on the boats but they do not have livewells or baitwells and we do not sell bait or rent fishing equipment.

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Rockvam Boat Yards Inc. Most are over 30 inches. Instead, our dock staff greets you, carts your gear from the vehicle, and loads all your gear on the boat. That’s all we do! Everyone’s idea of a perfect boat day varies and 85 and sunny everyday doesn’t happen in boxt Minnesota summer; we’re not in Arizona!

This happens to be a great way to get on the waters AND save money in the process. Fishing So with all that water, where do minnetonma start? We have fishing guides that have worked with BTB for sixteen years. We have parking lot attendants who can assist with double parking.

Welcome To Metro Lakes Marina On Lake Minnetonka

As you can see from the variety of boats we offer, you don’t have to make a 5 or 10 year “Boat Style” retal just yet. Your gift certificate will be sent by Email, print it out and present it at the time of reserving your rental. Up to 14 people.


They’re also pictured at the bottom of this page. In today’s market driven world, entry level boats can be purchased at an entry level price. Stop on in or float on by today!

Weekday Rates Mon thru Thur.

Cruises on Lake Minnetonka in Minneapolis, MN

Not only does it keep the boats clean with no sun-fading or wave damage but also allows us to rent our slips! Metro Lakes Fish House Rentals specialize in setting up anglers for an unforgettable ice fishing experience on local Minnesota lakes just west of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Our crew has a great understanding of the lake and can help you find a new restaurant, beach or experience. After Labor Day weekend, we only let the boats go out once a day because of the earlier sunset and you can pick your five hour time slot but must be back well in advance of legal sunset.

We have a waiting list every weekend and are full many weekdays during the prime summer season. It is a great way for us to keep our prices booat for our boat club members.

Minnetonka, MN – Your Boat Club Boat Rentals

We have been using pre-owned boats in our pontoon rental fleet for over 20 years. The photos on our rental page are the boats you get.

With 14, acres of water and more than miles boqt shoreline, Lake Minnetonka is unquestionably the most popular recreational lake in the Twin Cities.


The key to successful fishing on this lake is to understand that each bay has unique characteristics and should be fished as though it were a separate lake.

Our model is simple, we use pre-owed boats in excellent condition to keep our costs low. We will be happy to welcome families and corporate outings and provide great boats and service to those who are respectful of our boats, staff, other lxke and the lake.

Call us at or email us for details. Pick Your Winter Boat Storage.

Our passion is Antique Minnetonoa and Classic Boats. At Bay to Bay Boat Club, renting quality boats and providing exceptional customer service is our business. All packages include life jackets for every passenger, instruction on how to operate the boat and a Map of Lake Minnetonka including an instructional buoy map.

Pontoon Boat Rentals at Boat Club Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota Pontoon Boat Rentals

We do not rent to bachelorette or bachelor parties, or any groups, large or small, who want to just get on a boat lame get intoxicated. You may view our link to view availability.

Please call to reserve.