K, K, K, other Kedaq: A, A, A, A, other Simoco: D98, D99, other TSD: Added support for red CID36 to brown conversion without testpoint, of course. Added experimental support for Sharp VSH.

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Fixed slow-flashing bug for ST Microelectronics chips. Supported Models for Last Version: Unique method – non ASIC dependand i.

Ancient history

Nokia SS RM A baudrate-related modification regarding LG phones. Some changes to applet upload strategies. To repair phones damaged by other tools tick Overwrite flash certificate option.

Fixed a flashing bug that caused U v10A firmwares to be unlocked incorrectly. Introduced javeljn of data bus interferences for LG phones. C, K, K, K, other Vimaxx: Help file EROM-files updated. Fixed a bug regarding Create file package option. Latest EROMs require you to restore the flash certificate back to its original state to allow the phone to be turned on.


javelin: ( javelin car) mark donahue javelin

Now it is possible to specify which recovery applet for which CID to use when booting the phone. Added boot support for J N, TV32, other Karamfone: V31, V45, V51, other Voxtel: LG Module Direct Unlock for next models: Fixed minor security zone creation bug. Some loaders were updated. Infinity box Zestaw kabli. Added special flashing options for new ARM phones.

S90, V, V, V, other Veon: The Force RSA recovery combo-box now displays manufacturer names too. Fixed a bug regarding flashing Sharp VSH phones by certain flash files. Added phone type filter.


Swedish language strings updated again. Please prefer using reading codes to direct unlocking when possible.

TV, TV, other Zetel: Otherwise it displays an error message. Possibility to upgrade LG U to U Sklepy zlokalizowane w miastach: A, A, A, A, other Simoco: J World Generic decustomization has been released.

An error message might have been displayed when no error occurred. Flash file format modified.