This option also has the advantage that REV support is only included in the kernel when it’s needed and is thus lower impact on mission critical systems. Say “y” or “n”. Iomegas RRD technology uses sealed cartridges, holding a 2. The first option is to patch your kernel using either the patch patches-be. Note that you should mount your REV drive using the udffs filesystem and not the udf filesystem. The installer will then prepare your kernel source directory it won’t rebuild your kernel, only build dependency data , build the rev and udffs kernel modules, and install the rev and udffs kernel modules.

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The first option is to patch your kernel using either the patch patches-be. Views Read Edit View history. Link Account No Thanks. In addition, the RRD technology could be used for medical imaging and video archiving, where desktop users need access to large amounts of stored data.

REV (disk) – Wikipedia

Building udffs kernel module as user smithpa, this rrdd take some time The third parameter, “udffs,iso” are the filesystems that should be accepted on this mount point. Installing udffs kernel module as root If you use either of these kernel versions, you’ll find that listing the REV top level directory works, but ls -l and cd do not. Say “y” or “n”. The REV was in many ways a successor to Iomega’s Jaz drivewhich uses a similar removable hard-disk-platter concept.

  IR3570 IR4570 PCL5E DRIVER

If a hotpluggable device such as a USB drive is being used, and the device has been plugged in and unplugged several times, the device may have multiple entries in dmesg with only one of them accurate.

Toggle navigation Toggle search Advertiser Disclosure. Building rev kernel module as user smithpa Each drive should have a line such as: Wayne Rash December 28, The installer performs a hack to the rev module Makefile so that the appropriate headers are pulled directly from the kernel source. Our help has come from: Configuring udffs kernel module as user smithpa Grd indicate that the drive can obtain good performance on Linux with specialized iommega so the problem is not in the UDF filesystem per-se.

Iomega RRD Tools

Uncompress the tarball using the command:. Select the appropriate option to tell the installer to work around the incompatabilities.

The following issues are known to exist with REV on Linux: The following tasks need to be performed: This page was last edited on 21 Novemberat An install script is supplied that will perform most of the steps needed in order to make REV work fully with your system. Your consent is not required to view content or use site features.


January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Then scan the output of the dmesg command looking for text similar to one of the two lines below.

Otherwise, select 0, or simply press Enter. The installer will verify that everything it needs is present on your system and that it can build and install the rev and udffs modules against your kernel. If not running as root, the installer will now prompt for a root password. Like a standard hard drive, the REV system uses a iomsga head to read and write data to a spinning platter.

Faced with cheaper, smaller, higher capacity and more reliable USB 2. Would you like to receive rrd special partner offers via e-mail? Occasionally, we send subscribers special offers from select partners.