Serial cable required, but not included as there are several variations depending on which computer will be used. Overall, they all look and work the same, but there are some parts that are not interchangeable. Currently Out of Stock Network your printer with two or more computers! Please be assured that any amount you feel able to donate will make an immediate and significant impact. It’s ideal for printing on continuous-feed paper, such as payroll checks or preprinted forms. MacWrite produced exactly this, while Microsoft Word did not it bent the rules a bit.

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A9M was the second and longest running model.

The magazine imagewriteer that the first ImageWriter was sturdier, handled paper better, and had better print in most cases. Although the ImageWriter II is no longer being produced, millions of them were made and are still a common sight in schools. Classic Macs need a classic printer to accompany them.

Retrieved 1 March The song is a recording of the sound of an ImageWriter II printing a carefully crafted file. With an optional AppleTalk networking card installed, it was a low-cost alternative to the vastly more expensive LaserWriter.

On the Apple IIcomplex full-color graphics could be printed. With an Apple ImageWriter printer attached to your Macintosh, you can get printed copies of your work.


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These machines were built to last a very long time. All trademarks mentioned on these pages belong to their respective owners if they still exist.

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Apple ImageWriter II

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. There are many known ROM revisions, visible through a self-test press imagewritr form feed button while turning the ImageWriter on, then release both buttons simultaneously; the printer will then print the ROM version as well as dipswitch settings. The only requirement was imagewritrr available serial port and appropriate interface cable.

Form feed continuous or tractor feed paper, envelopes, labels and single sheet paper can all be used with this printer as well as pre-printed forms, checks and multi-part forms.

A9M was the first Model.

Oi were three different models introduced over time, which were popular mostly among Apple II and Macintosh owners. Itohwith a modified ROM and pinoutreleased the same year.

Apple ImageWriter II Printer

Selected information from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Our model number is: Production was eventually discontinued in January Currently Out of Stock Network your printer with two or more computers! It continued in production until latemaking it the longest-running Apple product in history. S and imagewirter countries. Printer interface board for LocalTalk networks Note that the names LocalTalk and AppleTalk are the same thing in relation to this board.


It’s ideal for printing on imageewriter paper, such as payroll checks or preprinted forms. Provided for your perusal by myoldmac.

It was also cracked a little further up. Existing models are still useful for printing banners and, like all impact printers, for multi-part forms. The ImageWriter II came in two models.

Apple ImageWriter II – Computing History

A Spectrum of Infinite Scale “. The ImageWriter II was compatible with Microsoft Windows -based computers using the operating systems’ included C-Itoh driver, while color support was available through third-party drivers. The ImageWriter II is a serial based dot matrix printer that was manufactured by Apple Computerwhich supported its entire computer product line when it was released in September In other words, it was compatible with every single computer Apple ever made, except for the original Apple or Apple 1until the iMac was introduced in Use on any Apple computer through