There are no signs of lag when browsing the Web, checking email or editing photos. The consumer level Infrared for controlling media functions via the included remote is a plus because you can watch movies while laying in bed on those raining days. The tx, left vs. Both units are shipped with only a 4-cell battery in Australia, which is kind of sad. It also works with the touch of a finger compared to using your fingernail on the tx

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Up tothe company was named Hewlett Packard Company. Browsing the Web and uploading pictures was an easy task. HP Pavilion tx Series Processor: The keyboard and touchpad. The pen gx2000 nice as well and I prefer it when navigating over my finger because it is more accurate. Techradar This consumer-focused Tablet PC will look great in any room in the house.

Calibrating the pen and the screen helped, although the hand writing recognition software found it difficult to read my handwriting. Need to change the name here. All in all, however, we think the HP txz is a very usable tablet PC, and it makes a nice notebook as well. Battery comparison, 6-cell on left and 4-cell on the yp.

The active digitizer works with the older ARTz pens I have not tested an Intuos Wacom pen yet so I guess it has levels of pressure sensitivity I said guess. On the plus side, we really like its design and appreciate how well it has been engineered to work as a tablet PC.


You can take notes on the screen because it is no longer has a passive display.

Not only does Vista help with handwriting recognition, but so does the active digitizer and fact you can calibrate the pen. I like the silver keyboard on the tx and the fact it has an arrow near the hinge telling you which way to turn the screen.

HP Pavilion tx2000 Series

The Keyboard feels solid. The notion of a Tablet PC for home use is something that is still in its infancy, largely wacmo to tablets being seen as business tools and the fact there are very few consumer applications for the Tablet PC. So far the tx webcam seems to work in all applications.

Back side view of the ports and extended battery. That temporarily leaves me with a txau and a txau to compare. Please keep in mind this is my personal opinion, so feel free to disagree. This could explain the improvement I noticed in battery life.

HP tx Tablet PC Review

I would pay extra for the disks. Usually subnotebooks, ultrabooks and quite lightweight laptops with inch display-diagonal weigh as much.


Burning them on the tx took over an hour, just to burn waacom disks. I take notes most days and after the panel broke-in I was very happy taking notes on it. The active pen on the tx is light and feels cheap, but works just as well.

Battle of the Pavilions, HP tx1000 vs. tx2000

Battery life was good. It gets a little heavy to carry around in tablet mode, but it does come packed full of features and you can always substitute the weight saver in place of the optical drive. Unfortunately image quality suffers on the touchscreen, lacking the clarity and vibrance of other displays. HP is making the keyboards even better on the production models with improved accuracy and response.

Very sleek design, but it does get full of fingerprints. Front view of the tx The keys on the tx have a harder more durable feel. It is glossy and tx200, but nothing major if you like the high-gloss screens. Still not real good performance, probably a good reason to upgrade.

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