But you may quickly outgrow its short feature list. Best Digital Cameras for Adjacent to the viewfinder eyepiece, on the right side, is a single LED lamp that reports camera status battery charging, writing files to the SmartMedia card, etc. Great little 2mp camera with a fixed 35mm lens of good quality. Situated in the upper right corner of the back panel, each of the four arrows points in a different direction up, down, left, right. One of three camera operating modes selected using the Mode dial, this mode allows the user to review captured images and movies. The LCD is bright and has a good refresh rate which means no psychedelic trails when you pan quickly , although its large pixels make it hard to discern fine details.

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Fujifilm: Support & Contact Center: FinePix A

Nikon D D A four-way Arrow pad on the back panel serves several functions, including Digital Zoom control, navigating through on-screen menus, and scrolling through captured images. We were dismayed to see that Fujifilm combined the SmartMedia and battery compartments without adding a latch to hold in the two AA batteries when you open the compartment door.

In Auto mode, you can use the camera’s Self-Timer mode to trigger a second delayed exposure, enabling you to press the shutter button and then move fiepix position for a self portrait or to join in a group photo before the shutter is released. You’ll see a list of matching entries from the price-comparison database. Switching the White Balance setting to “Incandescent” improved color somewhat, but not to the degree we would expect.


The majority of funepix options are controlled through the A’s on-screen menu system, which means you’ll have to navigate a small number of submenus to change quality settings or make exposure adjustments.

Therefore, we don’t recommend the A for taking available-light pictures at night or in dimly-lit interiors. Below the lens is a sliding Macro switch that positions a close-up lens over the normal lens to aid in focusing at shorter distances.

The Good Fineipx size with built-in lens cover; bright LCD; simple operation; good image quality in daylight. The Back button allows you to back out of the menu without making a selection.

Fujifilm FinePix A201

The camera comes in silver and weighs gr. These are useful features for dealing with difficult lighting situations, and it’s unfortunate that it takes several steps to get to them through the LCD menu. Ratings and reviews Write a review. Fjnepix used other cheap cameras from “unknown” brands and they tend to come out badly exposed with dull colours.

The good news with flash photography is that we didn’t see the bluish cast that plagues some digital camera images, giving a horrid zombielike quality to human flesh tones. Fortunately, those menus are logical and easy to read.

Contrary to a lot of cameras finepiz are specifically sold for children, it has a nice solid feel to it. Best-selling in Digital Cameras See all. The remainder of the external controls are located on the camera’s rear panel, along with the optical viewfinder eyepiece and 1.

Contact Fujifilm with your question about FinePix A Click on a thumbnail to see the full-size photo.


Fujifilm FinePix A Digital Photography Review

Fujifilm FinePix A review: Camera Overview The FinePix A is a palm-size, point-and-shoot digital camera that is small enough to travel comfortably just about anywhere you want to go. On the other hand, it’s easy to flip the camera into Video mode to capture silent clips by just turning the mode dial. We prefer to see clear images down to at least one foot-candle. However, the color balance was very warm had an overall red cast when shooting indoors under normal room fniepix.

Despite their being packed in the box with many cameras, they simply don’t have the juice to handle typical digicam demands. Visit manufacturer site for details. It’s a fun camera and won’t let you down on photo fuhi.

Optical distortion quite low, but chromatic aberration in the corners tuji the image was somewhat high, perhaps aggravated by the corner softness.

Above it is the optical viewfinder window, which provides a fairly accurate though tight view of the image framing.

The camera was able to capture a surprisingly small 2. Terrific point and finepiix camera Great little 2mp camera with a fixed 35mm lens of good quality.

One of the first things any new digicam owner will need is a larger memory card for their camera: