Rated 5 out of 5 by Rob from Simply the Best These are as good as it gets. This is exactly like re-scanning but without the need for the film original. Having a device that has the quality to reproduce all the subtle details embedded in your negatives and transparencies that gives you full control over the crucial interpretation of your work is what makes owning a Hasselblad scanner attractive. See any errors on this page? Rated 5 out of 5 by Foster Jr. Sorry, you’re not going to get that amazing file with that Epson flatbed. Scans from this machine are the best I have ever seen from a Scanner.

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Hasselblad Flextight X5 specs. The takeaway seemed to be that Hasselblad might not be paying equal attention to the two versions.

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After several months of heavy use, I think the Flextight X1 is perhaps the best photographic purchase I have ever made. Yes up to six images depending on film format and holder used Optional Batch Feeder up to 60 frames or Slide Feeder up to 50 slides. RAW files store light information arriving directly from the subject. This scanner yields fantastic scans right out of the box.

With the infinite rolloff in the highlights. Various feeding devices, for example, can be attached; the Batch Feeder for mixed originals and the Slide Feeder for scanning of mounted slides. Flextight Original Holders Order Form. Your valuable originals are never out of your custody and you are the one who decides when to do what and how.

The Hasselblad Flextight X1 Drum Scanner is designed to serve most photographers and offers unsurpassed quality, fast scanning, and multiple format capacity. Flextight X5 is its parameters 8.


The Flextight X5 is flextigth top model in the Flextight scanner series providing the best of all worlds. This is due to the electronic image handling of the sensor, the mechanical precision of the device, the quality of the filters, and the resolving power of the Rodenstock lens. My project was somewhat unusual in that the majority of the scans flextighht used to create panoramas ranging from as few as 2 to as many as 20 frames, with the average being 6 to 9 frames.

Flextight X5 Scanner

The combination of the electronic image handling of the sensor, the device’s mechanical precision, the quality of the sensor filters, and the resolving power of the Rodenstock lens are what set it apart. Or for emailing to your parents. I have no regrets at all about this purchase! You can also perform batch scans with the X5, and it is equipped with FlexTouch dust removal capacity to speed up the cleaning of your files.

Up to MB per Minute Scan Speed Made Possible with Active Cooling Running the electronics at this speed demands a great deal from the internal design of the scanner, and is also a challenge in terms of heat generation.

The 3F File and Workflow and 3F Auto Scan Button If you mount a film strip and press the 3F auto scan button the scanner will automatically detect and crop each sfanner and save it with different names. The patented virtual drum solution produces optimal focusing across the whole of the original, and the flexible holder guarantees easy mounting combined with safe and cautious handling of your originals. Vuescan is an amazing product, but it doesn’t quite get me the results I want. But you better be Michael Schumacher to worth the investment: It is easy to use, and is built with a vertical optical system to allow the CCD to face downwards, creating a glass-free optical path between the original and the lens.


Six weeks of using them again made me buy the X1. International orders are processed the next shipping day. But for printing, or any other kind of serious flexgight – especially if you’re thinking this needs to be big – the Epson ain’t going to get you there.

The scan quality is unmatched. The 3F file is never altered flestight will act as a “preview scan” when you open it later, and you can re-do all operations and change whatever parameters you wish.

Hasselblad Flextight X5 Scanner H B&H Photo Video

Rated 5 out of 5 by Peter R. The X1 and its software, FlexColor, does. Place your order by 5pm Mon Dec 31 and your order will ship the same day. Batch Scanning Capabilities With the FlexHolder system you either mount several flextigh in one holder or a film strip of 4 or 6 images. Almost all the scans were strips of six so I mostly used a 6-frame strip holder. Up to dpi Resolution With its high-end optics and 3 line x pixel Kodak Image Sensor, the Flextight X5 produces images of superb quality and detail.