It clearly shows where the virus is poking. Before starting it is important to clarify that the unit with the Linux file system does not have any letters assigned as we saw in the previous image. If it worked for you, edit your response to let the OP know it works. Your email address will not be published. I didn’t want to do this because the only dedicated linux box I have is my laptop and it doesn’t have an extra SATA port accessible. From visiting wepages I see that Paragon’s tool claims to cope with them – can you please confirm that to me? If so, what can I do?

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I tried the latest version with Windows 10 and a USB with a ext4 formatted partition. Please disable your adblocking software or whitelist our website.

The device stopped showing one of the drives and it was feared that that drive had failed.

I’ve read that some people did get it working in Windows 7 though apparently the drivers are not signed for Windows 7 so it must windoes been done in the testing mode thingy dealie. Then moure was out, proving again the proverb: Provides decent transfer speed and apparently supports both read and write ability. Advertisements fund this windowws. Didn’t work for me for a SD-card, ext2read did though. Joined Jun 18, Messages 0.


The help file with the software is shite and simply says that you should ensure that the software service is started which it isand this makes no difference – therefore, I cannot get this to work.

You’ll find an overview of ectfs the available file systems listed:. Joined Jul 16, Messages 1 0. Drone Nov 14, To read or save files to a Windows system, just double- or right-click the item and select the appropriate action!


ExtFS for Windows | Paragon Software

How to read ext4 partitions on Windows? Try putting a SD card with an Ext4 partition on it inside a SD card reader and try reading it with this software. I don’t use and x64 version of Win 7, and thus far tried EXT2FSD, which installed and loaded, appeared to mount the drives and assign them with a drive letter, but when you try and access the drive in Windows Windws, it reports it as “unformatted”.

Adversus knows whats up. Unfortunately the computer that the installation was performed on had long ago been sold.

File System Link

All I want to do is read it, and copy off the data – I won’t be using the format again as it clearly doesn’t mix well with Windows, and want to be able to copy the data to another external NTFS drive for recovery and ongoing access – will be formatting the two EXT3 drives after recovery and selling the Cisco device!


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Download it here http: Recently I ran into a bit of a pickle regarding an old HD with exhfs Ubuntu 9. Or so I thought before getting my partition corrupted.

I’ve also now tried Exxplore2FS as from this table, it seemed like the best overall software. Any news on that? This utility provides read only access.

Read ext4 partitions from Windows 7

As for the report, it seems eindows Anubis is down at the moment. Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Tried on Windows You can also save entire directories of files. I would probably have run something in a VM with real disk access but nevermind. As far as I can tell it does not preserve permissions.

It can recursively copy entire folders. It only supports internal HDD devices. Your email address will not be published. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere.