Please verify all parameters are provided for given criteria. Dragging and dropping a Library to another Library will create the failover Library Controllers. Please format the tape using TapeTest. Could not Resume Path, Replication set: This operation will cause this alert rule not associated to any user.

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Please call your vendor’s support hotline if the problem persists.

Some snap jobs are not picked for catalog. If the performance counter could not unload the strings for the specified service, the registry might be corrupted.

Reparse points failed to be restored as this is an out-of-place restore. Allow the backup or restore to complete. During a backup, MediaAgent received data from a client which was not selected for the current backup operation. DataMover could not be brought down gracefully. The drive is being used by another application or by another job. Some snap jobs are not picked for backup copy as the subclients for these jobs are missing.

Not an IT pro? Please select an access node and the MediaAgent to detect and get the information for the cluster! Found a global hot spare disk that is not in the desired slot. Please make sure to associate the Storage Area with correct client. Insufficient resources allocated for job. Check the Event Viewer for more details.


Tag: Event 1017

Please add more disk space to prevent failures during Analytics operations. Go to the Toolbox node of the Exchange Management Console to run these tools now. Content indexing services may be down. Please check the restore result for more details. Please check the Event Wvent Service log for more details. Failed to start pipeline for Source: Timed out while waiting for a consistency snapshot mark to come from the source machine.

All media agents hosting the deduplication engines are below the required service pack level to run DDB based Data Verification job.

System Messages, Event Strings and Error Codes

In Windows Firewall, click Change settings. Data transfer was interrupted by a network receive failure. Try stopping services or uninstalling instance on this client. Selecting manual mode will disable automatic disk group configuration.

No data returned by NetApp Powershell.

Active Directory Database Corrupt. Please configure this drive again or correct the detection problem. If the issue persists, please upload log files from CommServe, MediaAgent and Client and contact your vendor’s support hotline with the job ID of the failed job. Some snap jobs are not picked for backup copy as they are migrated from a different CommCell.


Event ID – 1017

Consider making other changes in the Exchange environment that could decrease the load on the servers. Please check the Media Manager log for more information. Failed to get the archiving rules from the CommServe. Failed to get the Expiry Date information of the evaluation installations from the CommServe database.