The E-System flash accessories are fully compatible with the E Doing so reduces shutter lag because the camera does not need to search for a subject in all AF targets. It is possible that this condition will prevent the lens from making and retaining a firm connection to the camera. My 35mm SLR had a mirror lockup to let the camera vibration settle down before the shutter tripped. The subject I want in focus doesn’t line up with any of the AF Frames in the viewfinder. In both cases, the actual digital images are still on the memory card until new images are shot that overwrite the old images.

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Manual Focus must be used for accurate focus when the EC Extension Tube is mounted between a lens and camera fista. Pressing the shutter button halfway activates contrast detection using the image on the sensor.

Product Support

Windows Mac For information on obtaining a permanent license key, please send an email to e-slrpro olympus. As the card fills up, the estimated capacity of RAW files on the display will become more accurate.

Both remote controllers are available online from The Olympus Store. After connecting the camera to the TV, use the TV channel selector to move downward through the channels until you see the camera menu on the TV screen.


This is a natural effect exhibited when using the Live MOS sensor to reproduce lighting conditions from a noncontinuous light source. Instead, pressing the [ ] button invokes the Scene Select menu so that a new Scene can be selected.

A table of the adjusted focusing distances of E-System lenses when mounted on the EX can be found here. Descriptions and applications of the metering modes are detailed below: The default aspect ratio is 4: The procedure is as follows: I tested the digital waters with an Olympus super zoom SPUZ in and decided to go all digital now the demise of Kodachrome had much to do with this.

This menu is not visible vistw default to prevent unintentional adjustments. The shutter fires and the image is captured.

The picture quality is at least as good, and I really like the way the photos turn out. Joined Mar 30, Messages 4, Press the button, and then select the RAW image to be edited. You must log in or register to reply here.

What accessories are available to remotely control the E? What is the difference between these settings? While in Live View mode, it may be desireable to enlarge the display of the subject on the Visha monitor. Follow the on-screen instructions carefully.

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The E makes it easy to shoot like a pro with 13 intuitive Scene Select Modes. OM- series autofocus lenses cannot be manually focused. From portraits to landscapes, the E can be customized for your specialty photos with a simple selection from the menu.


Can Shadow Adjustment Technology be applied while I’m shooting? To order the FLR Itemclick here. This will result in a situation in which the lens is attached to the camera mount but visa not locked into place. This vissta the highest-quality record mode available in the E, and it allows the photographer the most creative control in post-production. In black-and-white film e6200, different colored filters are placed in front of the lens to modify the tones in the final image.

Therefore, if images are inadvertently erased or formatted, viwta may be possible to retrieve them via image recovery software.

This confers images a completely new artistic flair. The E has an AF Illuminator feature that uses the flash to illuminate the subject just before the exposure is made, thereby assuring autofocus.

The 7-point biaxial autofocus system provides numerous autofocus setup options and accurate autofocus in low-light situations.