Properly recognized first, first write fails, will not recognize the disk properly again. Bought at Fry’s for Surprised by how quiet it is. Rated this writer 8 of Live Update had one glitch at first stopped downloading then second try no probs; was able to update to latest firmware.

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BTW, i forgot a rating BS, the problem is with the drive.

Emprex DVDRW IM DVD Writer – VideoHelp

This is a cheap review. Rated this writer 10 of I like the cheap Everex IM 16x so far. Comments posted by David from United States, February 16, Took almost 3 months but I am finally able to do put my writer to full use without worrying or hoping for the best. I upgraded from the 4x burner to this 8x burner and have had nothing but success.

Haven’t written a CD. These seemed like they had been on the shelf for a while. Click on this for more technical information.


Mixed results from others, it looks like. But I record at 4X, same as on my Pioneer burner, for better reliability. Nero doesn’t seem to.

Everything seems to be fine. Hasn’t had a problem with any media I use. Firmware A, unable to upgrade on Mac. Comments posted by icemanxlb from United States, May 26, Comments posted by Karsten from United States, March 05, Just got this at frys for I burned it at 16x no problem in about 7 minutes. Using firmware version A07M with it.

Looking back I wasted time and money and got so much frustrationbut i learnt a lesson. Surprised by how quiet it is. 116im

Emprex DVDRW 1016IM Free Driver Download (Official)

How to apply color correction using the Gradie I’ll dvddrw it one more try and then dvdrs going back to the shop! No problems even with cheap media. Comments posted by Humanmetal from United States, June 01, Comments posted by mrhomiec from United States, March 15, It burns very fast and works perfectly with the Fuji and Compusa media I’ve been using.


Service now claims burner will not work on mac.

Emprex DVDRW 1116im Dvd±rw Dual Layer IDE Internal Optical Drive DVD Writer

Burning software didn’t seem to ddvdrw. I haven’t had a single compatibility problem, and the drive operates as quickly as advertised.

With me, probs at first, kept getting “power calibration” errors using fujifilm 8x while trying to burn at 8x speed using Nero 6. Didn’t have a whole lot of coasters.