This opinion assumes that the description of the terms of the notes in this term sheet is materially correct. You seek exposure to the Index with no expectation of dividends or other benefits of owning the stocks included in the Index. Additional information on the Index is available on the following website: The notes may not be an appropriate investment for you if: Investor Considerations You may wish to consider an investment in the notes if: Enhanced Income Market-Linked Investments generally do not include market downside protection.

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Under Rule 15c of the Securities Exchange Act oftrades in the secondary market generally are required to settle in three business days, unless the parties to any such trade expressly agree otherwise. The green line reflects the fmn returns on the notes while the grey dotted line reflects the hypothetical returns of a direct investment in the stocks included in the Index, excluding dividends.

An investment in the notes involves significant risks, including 86552a2 listed below. Certain Market-Linked Investments may have overlapping characteristics. Purchases and sales by us and our affiliates of shares of companies included in the Index may affect your return.

In some instances, they may also provide interim coupon payments.

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You anticipate that the Ending Value will increase from the Starting Value, and in no event will be less than the Threshold Value. The actual Redemption Amount and the resulting total rate of return will depend on the actual Dnm Value and the term of your investment.

You are willing to make an investment, the payment on which depends on our creditworthiness, as the issuer of the notes.

Federal Income Taxation Considerations Some of the tax consequences of your investment in the notes are summarized below. The costs of developing, hedging, and distributing the notes are reflected in the Original Offering Price, and will not be reflected in secondary market prices. The closing level of the Index on the calculation day. Investor Considerations You may wish to consider an investment in the notes if: Additional information on the Index is available on the following website: Secondary market investors should not, and will not be authorized to, rely on the Note Prospectus for information regarding Barclays or for any purpose other than that described in the immediately preceding sentence.


As discussed further in product supplement SUN-1, the Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service are actively considering various alternative treatments that may apply to instruments such as the notes, possibly with retroactive effect.

There are important differences between the notes and a conventional debt security, including different investment risks.

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Your yield may be less than the yield on a 865a2 debt security of comparable maturity. These short- to medium-term market-linked notes offer you a way to enhance your income stream, either through variable or fixed-interest coupons, an added payout at maturity based on the performance of the linked asset, or both.

Accordingly, purchasers who wish to trade the notes more than three business days prior to the original issue date will be required to specify alternative settlement arrangements to prevent a failed settlement.

The generally unsettled international environment and 8652a22 uncertainties, including the risk of terrorism, may result in the Index and financial markets generally exhibiting greater volatility than in earlier periods. Market-Linked Investments come in four basic categories, each designed to meet a different set of investor risk profiles, time horizons, income requirements, and market views bullish, bearish, moderate outlook, etc. The notes are not sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by Dow Jones, CME or their respective affiliates.

You are unwilling or are unable to assume the credit risk associated with us, as the issuer of the notes. Yes No No You will receive per unit: In some circumstances, this could result in a lower return than with a direct investment in the asset.


The following descriptions of these categories are meant solely for informational purposes and are not intended to represent any particular Market-Linked Investment or guarantee performance. The following examples do not take into account any tax consequences from investing in the notes. Dow Jones, CME and their respective affiliates are not responsible for and have not participated in the determination of the timing of, prices at, or quantities of the notes to be issued or in the determination or calculation of the equation by which the notes are to be converted into cash.

You seek interest payments or other current income on your investment. The degree to which your principal is repaid at maturity is generally determined by the performance of the linked asset.

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If the level of the Index increases from the Starting Value to an Ending Value that is above the Step Up Value, investors will participate on a 1-for-1 basis in the increase above the Starting Value. You will have no rights of a holder of the securities represented by the Index, and you will not be 8652aa2 to receive securities or dividends or other distributions by the issuers of those securities.

You seek assurances that there will 6852a2 a liquid market if and when you want to sell the notes prior to maturity. Dow Jones, CME and their respective affiliates make no representation or warranty, express or implied, to the owners of the securities or any member of the public regarding the advisability of investing in securities generally or in dmh notes particularly.