What’s a CF shop to do: However, in the case of an internal JDBC driver, the JDBC client actually runs as part of the database being accessed, and so can access data directly rather than through network protocols. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikibooks. Review the following sections for information on how WebLogic-branded DataDirect drivers are configured and used in a WebLogic Server environment. Thin mode A more detailed explanation can be found at: For information on driver and database support, see http:

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Until then, we have to wait and see. A quick google of a few keyword alternatives also turned up no really promising discussions.

Oh well, so I am adding it here in case someone who cares can get something done about it. I’ve noticed that in webMethods 8.

What is your primary job function? It may also be a matter of timing, with respect to when Adobe learned about the drivers likely sooner than most of us and whether they found them compelling enough to consider, and at what cost in terms of backward compatibility.

Java Database Connectivity

It’s worth noting that the Type ty;e drivers do assert to bring all their benefits “without code changes”, so who knows? I’d propose you may want to bring this up instead on the Adobe forum, specifically http: Related Articles Build, buy or configure? Craig, thanks for the encouragement.


Applications can then look up the data source on the JNDI tree and request a connection. This page was last edited on 1 Octoberat But I have to test this thoroughly since CF8 might not support this version. WebLogic-branded DataDirect drivers are installed by default when you perform a complete installation of WebLogic Server. About the Company and Product Name Variations Some may wonder if they visit the site for the drivers and notice the company being named Progress, when it used to be Merant.

I also wonder about Progress Software Data Direct. Required Sdrver for the Java Security Manager. Is it shareware or do you need to buy it? Leveraging data for better citizen satisfaction Zql data-driven education Charlotte readies CRM for customer service boom. Khalil, I’m afraid I do not know the answer there.

A product specialist will be glad to get in touch with you. Well, they’ve announced new “Type 5” drivers. Kurt, thanks for sharing the news of the MySQL driver.

The DataDirect Driver Version 5 dd-cjdbc.

Progress® DataDirect®

Progress’s new Type 5 driver aims to overcome many of the limitations datadirext the Type 4 drivers, the company said, by enabling Java apps to tap current innovations in database features, data access models and virtualization technologies, without requiring code changes. In the case of Connections to remote database servers, further resources are tied up on the server, e.


I have not worked with Oracle database connections using its “Advanced Security” feature. Supported Drivers and Databases For information on driver and database support, see dqtadirect Email Twitter Facebook LinkedIn.

Perhaps they’ll offer another soon. I would be very grateful. See the following related information: Query statements return a JDBC row result set. OK, I have confirmed now more specifics, about whether this issue is about “commercial” us Introduced in SQL ServerAlways On Availability Groups is a replica-database environment that provides a high-level of data availability, protection, and recovery.

Review the following sections for information on how WebLogic-branded DataDirect drivers are configured and used in a WebLogic Server environment.