The fact remains however, that this meagre amount of storage can only record five images at the camera’s best-quality setting, making the additional purchase of an SD card essential. The camera’s 3x, 7. Nikon D D You can turn it on or off via the Monitor option on the Setup menu. Pressing the Menu button offers the following options:. As always though, keep in mind that the digital zoom simply enlarges the center pixels of the CCD, resulting in lower image quality.

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Just above the nav disk are the Menu and Playback buttons, as well as an array of speaker holes cooplix playback of recordings and movies with sound. The CoolPix automatically switches from single shot and focus, to burst mode with continuous focus.

Nikon COOLPIX 5900 5.1MP Digital Camera – Silver

There’s a lot going on in the menu, which spans over three screens and offers settings for white balance, light metering and autofocus among other things. That said, one major strength of the Nikon package is the accompanying software, which includes Picture Project 1.

In reality the camera only allows you to manually select the point of autofocus from a grid. Note that closest focusing is possible only when the lens is coolpi to a fairly narrow range of focal lengths towards the wide-angle end of its range.

Fujifilm FinePix Z Series. The fact remains however, that this meagre amount of storage can only record five images at the camera’s best-quality setting, making the additional purchase of an SD card essential.

Framing options are Landscape no guidelines coolpi, Scenic View mountain outlineArchitecture gridGroup Right outlines of people with lines for buildings in the backgroundand Group Left also outlines of people with building and horizon lines.

Activated by turning the Mode dial to the Auto position coolpiix camera iconthis mode places the camera in control of both aperture and shutter speed, as well as most other exposure features.


The special 5-Shot buffer mode is designed to help you catch the action, even if the action is happening a little coolpic than your reflexes can catch up with. This button sets the camera’s exposure when halfway pressed, and releases the shutter when fully pressed. Operating mainly under automatic control, the Coolpix ‘s user interface is easy to learn.

Unlike Canon’s newer 4x models, the CoolPix cameras continue to offer a 3x optical zoom, covering an equivalent of mm.

Nikon COOLPIX MP Digital Camera – Silver | eBay

Nestled in a small recess to the right of the power LED and Shutter button, the power switch turns the camera on and off with a push. A White Balance adjustment offers six preset ckolpix, an Auto coolpox, and a Custom setting for manually determining the color balance. Reading the specifications may lead you to believe that the can focus manually, but describing it as manual focus would be stretching the truth.

Picking out the best digital camera from the massive selection on offer can be intimidating. Night Portrait Assist Mode: This won’t likely be a problem for most Coolpix users, though, given the point-and-shoot orientation of the camera.

Nikon Coolpix 5900

The card releases with a downward press. Nikon has cleverly removed one of the last stumbling blocks of Lithium-ion batteries by offering a to volt worldwide battery charger, and by making the camera compatible with the single use CP1 Lithium batteries, ideal for anyone going off the beaten track.

Another useful tool in the camera’s considerable repertoire is D-Lighting, similar to the technology first seen in the groundbreaking HP R Though no mode allows the user to control the aperture or shutter speed directly, the exposure compensation adjustment can be set in any mode to deal with high contrast, dark or light subjects.


This allows you to easily track movement and fire off two frames per second, until the buffer of 17 shots is full or your battery is exhausted – which ever comes first.

Nikon Coolpix | TechRadar

In addition to its 3x optical zoom, the Coolpix offers a maximum 4x digital zoom, which lets you “zoom” coolpiz even closer equivalent to a mm lens on 35mm coolpx. On the right side of the camera is the Secure Digital SD memory card compartment and an eyelet for attaching the wrist strap. About my only quibble with D-Lighting is that Nikon more or less hid it in the user interface: The new two-inch display brings the CoolPix bang up to date.

This reduces the likelihood that light from the flash will reflect off the insides of the subjects’ eyes, causing the dreaded red-eye. Show More Show Less. The camera doesn’t show aperture coolpxi shutter speed information as some do, a feature that I personally sorely missed. The camera uses contrast-detection autofocus in normal mode, which ranges from 1.

D-Lighting – otherwise known as adaptive or dynamic lighting – works after you’ve taken a picture and allows images with excessively dark areas to be lightened up without over-exposing the brighter elements of the scene.

Save on Digital Cameras Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. Coolpiix rest actually draw a variety of translucent images of a person or persons on the screen, and let you move your subject into that guide, helping you get perfect focus and better composition into the bargain. Click on a thumbnail to see the full-size photo.