Be the first to review this item! Even my off center hits get out there. Posted 02 April – Having said this, there are alot of great drivers out there and as long as you get a shaft and club face option that works for your game, I think the differences in the overall performance of driver heads from brand to brand are not huge. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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Every manufacturer has been doing this for the last several years. To my surprise, I hit more fairways than I ever have before. Just purchased the Hibore HLS It actually kind of hurts my ears until I look up and see the ball speeding down the fairway.

If you are interested in this club I would check out Golf Galaxy. My off line drives were still playable and my poor shots were due to a bad swing not the clubs fault.

Today’s Golfer

This is just a great driver. I usually hit a high ball so the first thing I noticed was the trajectory from the Tour model is much more penetrating. I usually hit a Rflex shaft in all my clubs but the Red stiff feels very good.

Great claims, but do they hold up? If I need to play a draw or a fade I can also do that easily with this club. I used the launch monitor and tested a couple of other drivers and definitely hit this one the best.


The feel and sound was stronger and the trajectory a little lower than the standard version, so if you play in the wind or on firm courses, then this is the one for you. I wish Cleveland would make a 17 deg fairway wood in the XLS technology; it would be a winner. Trying to hit a draw resulted in a duck hook often enough to make it a very uncomfortable undertaking on the course.

I actually had to close the face 1 degree to get it to turn over. The larger face and higher moment of inertia of the Cleveland HiBore XLS driver makes a big difference, because the crown of the head has been carved out to make it longer and deeper. Wicked long and very straight. It just feels like this head could fall apart at any second for me. Seems to sit very closed unless you open it up to sit on the back sole of the head.

I think it does setup slightly closed as some of the reviews have mentioned. I out drove them all.

I did notice however that almost every hit I took felt good. I measured the distance with my GPS unit and had to just keep checking it.

Cleveland HiBORE XLS Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

I have the XLS Great distance, xl sound is just a bit harsh. The clevelan cover for the XLS is also loud, but that seems to be a trend with most of the manufacturers. Be the first to review this item! Features a 2 deg. I won the clevelanr in a church golf tourney, and since I got it at the beginning of the round, I played with it today.


The charcoal finish helps minimize any shock to the senses that the size of the head and its shape might cause. Once I started setting up for a big cut but lining it up to go straightI began to hit fairways pretty consistently. I bought the XLS 9. ParroHead — This is spooky! The XL corrected many of the deficiencies found in the original. Despite my cynicism about just how much technology can improve at this point, I’m pleasantly surprised. Cleveland also offers an impressive selection of custom shaft options, including additional models from Fujikura as well as clevelanf from Aldila, UST, Mitsubishi, and Graphite Design.