You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Help Santa with SQL! This computer-programming -related article is a stub. This option is available for Delphi and higher IDE versions. If you execute the query or stored procedure more than once, you can improve performance by setting Prepared to true before opening the dataset.

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Anonymous Provides direct access to Oracle database based on Borland dbExpress data access technology. To download this, you must have registered: It is strongly recommended to use the corresponding library with your IDE. Following development environments are supported by DbxOda: You may still be able to repair the zip file contents if you download the entire zip locally.

dbExpress-ODBC Gateway

It provides unidirectional database access, that means you can traverse data obtained from a database table only in the forward direction. The default value of this option is 0 do not use TSmallIntField. BeforeOpen Below is the example that demonstrates setting ebexpress driver options in Delphi and lower IDE versions: As data-access layer is thin and simple, dbExpress provides high performance database connectivity and is easy to deploy.

Users of dbExpress driver for Oracle with Source Code can embed the driver into the application directly. Get fast orzcle unified access to your databases.


dbExpress driver for Oracle ReadMe

Setting CharLength to zero will instruct Oracle driver to interrogate Oracle server for the actual character length. The error generated by the Zip attachment is: Type map, beginning from version 1. Add a review Tell us your experience with dbExpress driver for Oracle 6.

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dbExpress Drivers

File Exploration is Disabled We’re sorry, but errors in the uploaded zip file prevent it from being explored. External links [ edit ] Embarcadero home page This computer-programming -related article is a stub. SetOption coPrepared, Integer True ; Reconnect This boolean option controls if automatic reconnect should be performed if the connection is broken.

Direct access to data We offer you optimal data access using native libraries. Certain problems may occur when using firewalls. You should also pay attention to the following notes: Subscription Program is an annual maintenance and support service for users of Devart dbExpress drivers.

dbExpress-ODBC Gateway

This feature allows driver to work in Net mode without Oracle client software – High performance – Supports latest versions of servers – All data types support – Extended options for advanced behaviour – Complete support for dbExpress version 4 – Ability of monitoring query execution – Source code available – Free borpand for registered users – Licensed per a developer dbexrpess royalty fee Compatibility DbxOda supports Oracle 11g, Oracle 10g, Oracle 9i, Oracle 8i, Oracle 8, and Oracle 7.


See below the changes in each version:.

Setting Prepared to true prepares the dataset at once, rather than waiting until the dataset is opened. Default value is 0. Extended driver options DbxOda provides several extended options that expand functionality of the driver. DBMonitor is intended to hamper application being monitored as less as possible. Update Pack 2 is required for Delphi We already checked that the download link to be safe, however for your own protection we recommend that you scan the downloaded software with your antivirus.

If a query can return a lot of records, set this property to False if initial response time is important.

We use cookies to provide you with a better experience on the Devart website. For Direct connection you need assign string, that specifies database, in such format host: DbxOda driver provides direct access to Oracle database server based on Borland dbExpress data access technology.

To trace your application with DBMonitor you should follow these steps: Oracld information on how to do this refer to Borland documentation.