Nov 9, is it true you must use a lg wireless adaptor to get on web? I’ve tried installying the cd driver, all the relevant drivers on the TP link website, and the generic atheros driver. I’ve also tried turning on other media servers like TVersity and Windows Media Player and none of my devices can detect any of those either, so there must be something wrong with my desktop’s networking but it can still get internet. I uninstalled everything and stuck the card in and let windows recognize it. Failed to connect to the net.. I’m running windows vista home premium. View 1 Replies View Related.

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My roommate’s laptop connects to it with max bars. I purchased a new Linksys USB adapter model N which includes an installation disk for her computer.

If so, how has others got this to work.

For some reason today my desktop stopped being able to share media with other computers and devices. Nov 9, is it true you must use a lg wireless adaptor to get on web? Dognle everything installed and did drivers successfully but windows says “wireless network unavailable. The reason for trying to connect to the television is Netflix.

How Does Bluestork Wireless N Usb Adapter Work

I have 9 820.11n wireless devices connected with no issues. How does W7 or the system board look at network? My pc has a on board ethernet adaptor that stopped working all of sudden I tried restarting it, restarting my computer, and updating to the latest version.


I have installed the driver and my computer recognizes the adapter, can see the network I want to connect to If there is a way to override this I would be happy to hear it. I’ve tried installying the cd driver, all the relevant drivers on the TP link website, and the generic atheros driver. View 2 Replies View Related Broadcom The laptop works wirelessly even when the cable between the router and desktop is unplugged and the desktop turned off.

I have a DIR B1 router.

How Does Bluestork Wireless N Usb Adapter Work

Selected manual install, went to the folder I downloaded for ver. My wife’s desktop computer in another room runs windows XP. I enabled it in BIOS, but nothing happens in win7, driver says i dont have any device isntalled.

I went into device manager and found the wireless card, updated drivers manually, and selected the folder I downloaded from linksys website to search for update drivers. Everything was fine before the reinstall of Windows XP Home.

After installing drivers, resetting wireless router etc. I’m gonna put AVG on a flash drive from another computer and try to use that later today, but right now I’ve been thinking that I might have to back everything up and reinstall windows. My desktop runs on a wireless network with a Broadcom So, I downloaded version 2 and ran that. I have an 802.111n dv7 6 series laptop with a wifi card that only supports 2. Wifj is freely accessible Wifi in range public library – wherein I could concievably carry the whole PC and use their WiFi with their blessing.


The adapter will only connect in Jul 10, Wlfi have had this computer for about 3 years and it crashed during a storm but when I reset the bios and reinstalled windows it worked again but now I can’t get the LAN adapter to light even while cord is in there and I can’t get my router to say it’s connected to my pc and it says the cat5 cable isn’t hooked to my computer but I know the cable works.

Sad that I can’t even get a wireless adapter running now I have the PCI adapter installed on my computer. I connected the adapter and everything worked great. The router connects several necessary peripherals – blueetork wirelessly to the main PC and another W7 PC. The laptop came with XP Pro. I have DSL on my computer which runs windows 802.11j, using verizon’s Westell model