Intel Core i7 Ram: All replies Drop Down menu. I had to cancel plans today etc just because I can’t get my data off In my first review of the original BlacX, we said it was a must have. Just like the original BlacX , the Duet supports both 2. Todd Message was edited by: What’s the problem with

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Thermaltake BlacX

Are you a computer repair person, a network technician? Review Categories Case Reviews. Someone mentioned cleaning the system cache so I think this is what did it but I’m not sure exactly because I had Onyx do a whole bundle of automated tasks to clean my system. Due to the fact that 3.

If your eSATA port does not offer multi-disk support, you will only be able to access one drive at a time. Immediately, you see can see why the BlacX Duet is different blcx all the other docking stations on the market. They were not sold mzc being Mac compatible. Seems odd that the This button also serves another purpose. Visit any large computer store and you will see just what I mean.


Thermaltake BlacX | MacRumors Forums

There are tons of hard drive docks out there to pick from. Your enclosure could very well be suffering from the same problem – but at this point we don’t know. Just like the original BlacXthe Duet supports both 2. May 21, It is called BlacX by Thermaltake purchased from a best buy.

Clint- Yes dyet internal harddrive is selected in dyet up disk as it should be. But of course that also means that until the vendor fixes the firmware, your only workaround is to go back to the previous release of Mac OS X.

Thermaltake started the whole docking station thing, but today they have taken it a step farther. Great for those that need to browse several drives or simply transfer data from one drive to another. There are many hard drive docking stations out there.

May 22, 4: For what it’s worth, Granite Digital makes really nice cases you can put your hard drives into if needed, and their “Emergency Drive Copy” product will allow you to connect to any bare drive via USB without having to install it into a case first: External Hard Drives not recognized now by View the discussion thread. In my original dueet I called it the BlacX but now that I’m looking at the box again it seems the docking station is called the Black widow.


User profile for user: The same goes for the Duet, especially if you are a technician or enthusiast. So this is not a Buffalo drive only problem. If you are any of these individuals, our next review subject is just what you need. The Duet has one major advantage over the rest, dual opening for hard drives.

Message was edited by: The second is through the eSATA port. Besides the two openings for drives, there are also two eject buttons for removing each independently.

Todd Message was edited by: May 20, 4: