Comment 3 Dan Williams Users who have experienced this problem are encouraged to upgrade to the latest version of Fedora Core, which can be obtained from: When replaying the path with callouts or dimension lines, they flicker. Comment 17 Michael J. When deciding the location to place a tool, part of the driver is missing. Comment 4 Dan Williams Is that TinyX in there or something similar.

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Fedora Core 1 Yarrow XFree86 4.

Update ati firegl x1 display driver 6 13 10 for windows xp. When deciding the location to place a tool, part of the driver is missing. Org bugzilla located at http: Aati replaying a path, the display flickers. Comment 24 Mike A.

I just tried the procedure described on this thread, but without any change. I just downloaded them from ATI’s site and installed them. Login [x] Log in using an account from: Description Dan Williams They seem to run great on my pro.


Arrows bold line in DR are shown incorrectly. Attached log and config using MergedFB.


Most companies have a very limited number of driver engineers, so they tend to follow the “squeaky wheel gets the grease” prioritization when fixing bugs. Or are there just newer drivers? Comment 21 Mark Heslep The problem is that some of the Linux video drivers incorrectly enable features such as multisample antialiasing, stencil buffers, and stereo in display modes that are beyond the video memory available on the board.

Operation environment : FJVPS | DIGITAL PROCESS LTD.

Or are there just newer drivers? The Windows drivers provide a robust control panel that enables you to.

In truth, if the video card doesn’t have enough memory to enable these features, it should be telling VMD ‘no’ when VMD asks for an OpenGL context with all of those features enabled. The initial display on the view window fireggl in disorder. For positioning of camera parts, when selecting the camera, then other parts and the camera again, the display of manipulator may be incorrect.

Correct XF86 log with Screen 0 in videocard0 Device section Manipulation anything results in the correct section view. When selecting giregl part, the edge with red broken lines may not be displayed.


What performance do you get on a radeon with the latest drivers using only gzDrawArrays on tristrips?? Once you’ve filed your bug report to X. Strange that the extension makes it run slower?? Originally posted by ToolTech: Maya tends to be the one to catch out less well-designed drivers. When manipulating a part, the graphical image is corrupted.

Comment 22 Mark Heslep When dragging a label, the image under dragging operation is in disorder.

ATi FireGL X Video Card – Reviews, Specifications, and Pictures –

Do the Radeon have later drivers than the FGL ? In the previous versions of V15L12, the annotation of an animation clip flickers. This site requires JavaScript to be enabled to function correctly, please enable it.