Is it that complicated to deactivate a touchpad? Not finding what you are looking for? That what followed didn’t only surprise the technical press but also many manufacturers, who had a very skeptical view towards the new Asus concept in the beginning. Join Date Mar Posts Asus Eee H Netbook. I am a Ubuntu noob but this worked for me so I hope it helps someone else.

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With that, a whole row of further functionsbesides the control of the cursor and typing instructions, can be applied.

Hi, I pressed some buttons on my eee pc h and my Tips and Tools to Know.

That will toggle the touchpad between enabled and disabled. The new keyboard presents itself as immensely user-friendlywhich can be primarily ascribed to the now reasonable key size.

November 20th, 3. In our opinion, the two touchpad keys have to receive a bit of critique. Hello, have you checked under device manager to see if your touchpad is recognized?

Why is the touchpad of my Asus Eee PC not working?

Join Date Nov Beans 2. In the following, a short list of the most important multi-touch functions in the Eee H:.


With this the Eee H has a lead on many of its netbook colleagues, these being equipped with a touchad dimensioned energy source. I read through the other linked sites. Although it was detectable in absolute silence while processing, it wasn’t found disturbing in any way.

If you can’t then try manually editing xorg.

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The integrated speakers are suitable at best for playing quiet background music. Tags for this Thread eeepckarmicnot workingtouchpadupgrade. The screen 1000n off excellently at the maximal image contrast, as well. Asus was always in the front row and characterized the development of the netbooks like no other manufacturer.

ASUS Eee PC h Palmrest Touchpad 13GOA0D8AP | eBay

Posted by jjog on Dec 03, Neither in the pressure test nor in daily handling with the netbook was an exceeding or alarming deformation noticed in the test. The typical netbook fareregarding the ports, is only found on the sides of the Asus Eee H. Has this netbook been open recently? Both problems should be solved with the introduction of the 10″ form factor. Generally, the keyboard receives a very good grade after completing our tests, which included very intensive typing.


Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. At first sight, you might even think nothing has changed concerning the case.

The netbooks rapidly kept on being perfected. It’s worth a thousand words. The built in hard disk remained pleasingly quiet, though.

Theoretically, the resolution can also be enhanced to x pixels, whereas the visible area doesn’t increase and scrolling becomes necessary in order use the screen completely. This is my laptop machine and I want my Touchpad restored.

In the pop-up window, select your oprating system, then click “Search”. The sound quality turned out acceptable at low volume ; in a louder area, the loudspeakers sounded drained and tinny. As long as this happens on the minimal level of approx. On the one hand, with an ambiguous display and on the other with a very jam-packed keyboard with very small keys which barely allowed an accurate typing.