The company has made many different kinds of technology over the years, with a few standouts being: By default, OS X does not support serial printers. Based on the same Canon engine, this model had faster printing speed than its predecessor, but used the same ink cartridge. Apple hardware since What kind of computer print devices are considered vintage? Computer printers have existed almost as long as computers themselves.

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Unit operates when turned on.

Unknown actual working condition. Participants must be 18 years of age, or older. Guaranteed by Fri, Jan 4. Hopefully you haven’t damaged it though. Classic in OS X, however, does not.

I sort of inherited this from a good friend of mine. Its distinguishing feature among Color StyleWriter printers is its use of separate ink cartridges for each of three colors cyan, magenta, yellow plus black. Item is in working order but the ink has dried up, comes with extra ink but I’m sure that is dried up as ap;le. The company has made many different kinds of technology over the years, with a few standouts being:.

They produced print quality that was better than stylrwriter dot matrix ImageWritersand were cheaper than the LaserWriters. This article may rely excessively on sources too closely associated with the subjectpotentially preventing the article from being verifiable and neutral. The first printing device made by the company. Apple II and Apple III computers could make use of the Apple Color Plotter, which was a specialized device that could print with water- or oil-based inks for very basic color.


One of the first laser printers available to consumers. Four total stjlewriter, also selling color ribbons for the same model on an alternate listing. Ask a question Reset.

Color may be grey or beige.

apple style writer II

This will give you a proper plug to connect the printer to. The feed mechanism was removable, and paper could be fed through manually in a virtually straight line. This was one of the first home computers equipped with the ability to install and use a printer as a standard feature. I have never seen another one of these printers with it on the front. The was smaller and more rounded, matching the PowerBook and Series.

The Portable StyleWriter was a portable inkjet printer manufactured in and was stylewriher to match the PowerBook Series portable computer.

StyleWriter II: Technical Specifications

Macintosh Portable 68k-based PowerBooks series series series PowerPC -based PowerBooks c c c. You would have to figure out for yourself what ports your USB to serial adaptor is.


This Imagewriter printer power cord looks similar to the original Mac power cord but has the plug head oriented in the opposite direction so if used on a Mac this Imagewriter cord orients up towards the ceiling, instead of down and towards the desk like a Mac power cord does. Paladin Interactive Television Box Pippin. Computer printers have existed almost as long as computers themselves.

StyleWriter II: Technical Specifications

What were some vintage computer printer devices? The two of stlewriter did a lot of work work Apple Education. When were vintage computer printers first manufactured? This was stuff he acquired while at Apple and, after leaving, it mostly sat on shelves in his office. While no official cutoff date exists for when computers are no longer vintage, older technology is typically more valued by collectors.

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