Information shall be labeled with descriptors and shall be shown with the appropriate engineering units. Non-BACnet-compliant or proprietary equipment or systems including gateways shall not be acceptable and are specifically prohibited. Wireless wall sensor shall use solid-state sensors and shall be packaged in aesthetically pleasing enclosure. Analog objects may also be assigned to a system graphic, where the color of the defined object changes based on the analog object’s value. If applicable, costs for travel, lodging and meals will be the responsibility of the owner. Modules shall be capable of providing global control strategies for the system based on information from any objects in the system, regardless if the object is directly monitored by the building controller module or by another controller.

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Necessary tools shall be supplied for working with proprietary information. Web page host shall include two Ethernet network connections.

Alarm log shall be provided for alarm viewing. Identify equipment critical to maintaining the integrity of the operating system. Wall sensors to be installed as alerfon on drawings. Terminal unit rough-in requirements.

AWS shall include a library of equipment graphic components to assemble custom graphics. Schedule editor shall support drag-n-drop holidays default for OFF all day and can be edited for multiple-day holidays. Controllers shall include input, output and self-contained logic program as needed for complete control of units.

Alerton Building Automation Resources

As an example, a graphic representation of a thermometer would rise and fall in response to either the room temperature or its deviation from the controlling setpoint. Alarms can be assigned to any of the priority levels defined.


Provide zoom in and zoom out capabilities. Locate and install components for easy accessibility; in general, mount 48 inches above floor with minimum 3 feet 1 m of clear access space in alrrton of units. Instruments, including but not limited to switches and transmitters, shall be suitably wired and mounted to protect them from vibration, moisture, and high or low temperatures.

AWS shall be supplied with a library of alertob graphics, which may be used ueb or modified by the operator. Alerton has led the way in developing products based on a standard open communication protocol to give building owners flexibility in their building solutions. Selection of the trendlog using this method shall allow the viewing of the trendlog view or launch the Trendlog wizard to allow the creation of a new trend.

Building controller shall have capability to automatically call out alarm conditions. Application controller shall be programmed using the same programming tool as Building Controller and as described in operator’s workstation section.

Command Line Access

Design velocity shall be less than 12 feet per second when used with standard EPDM seats. Two adjustable cam-actuated end travel limit switches shall be provided to control direction of travel.

Include one modem module along with cabling necessary for installation for the system. User shall be asked to log on once the browser makes connection to Web usg host. Operator shall be able to view all trended records, both stored and archived.


Building controller shall have capability to call a minimum of 20 different phone numbers.

BTL Listing of Tested Products

The alarm dialog box shall always become the top dialog alerotn regardless of the applications currently running. Operator’s workstation software shall include field engineering tools for programming controllers supplied. If needed, this file shall be downloaded to the appropriate controller using the mouse.

User shall be able to acknowledge alarms using browser technology. Such content shall include, but is not limited to launching external files in their native applications for example, a Microsoft Word document and launching a web browser resolving to a specified web address. User must be able to access all displays of real-time data that are part of the AWS using a standard web browser.

Alerton Ascent Control Module

In addition, provide the monitoring of ysb following systems:. Materials and equipment shall be manufacturer’s latest standard design that complies with the specification requirements.

AWS operator shall be able to change the energy log setup information as well. Flow type for two-way valves shall be equal percentage.