Works great, as you will see when you first turn on the computer: Running aquamark 3 I scored 26, and scored in 3Dmark There is no wobble on the hinges, it feels very sturdy, and gives a decisive click when you close it. So, I decided to write my own. Also, movies will have black borders around every side, as the screen is too big I think. Decided not to undervolt, overclock, or partition it; dont want to risk anything happening, and it runs perfectly anyways.

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Design as a whole is very nice. It runs the latest games with a good framerate, which makes the laptop a fine gaming machine.

Review of Acer Ferrari

Integrated microphone and two speakers. Still they glow nicely when on. Definately get the USB sound drive and the total protection warranty extension.

After 6 years of avid computer use, I recently bought my first laptop: Its battery life is not so good so the mobile users will not be satisfied with the battery backup. Unfortunately though, there are few drivers out there adaptable to mobile graphics cards, dgd I ended up having to install an older set of catalyst drivers and using a mod tool to install them.

Kensington lock slot is always nice. Visit our network of sites: I reinstalled drivers upon getting it, figured why not.


Acer Ferrari 3400 Review

Above view of Ferrari view larger image. Contact or send us suggestions at: Also, movies will have black borders around every side, as the screen is too big I think. Underneath view of Ferrari view larger image. No leaks or any other issues, just a great screen.

Acer Ferrari WTMi- Tech Reviews, Firstpost

So, I decided to write my own. The wcer is little curvy according to the trend with somewhat style. Getting off of the physical aspects, I also wanted a laptop that could play games somewhat well, and would last a while.

I personally like the matte finish better than the reflective ones, as I will use this outside quite a bit.

Acer Ferrari right side view larger image Acer Ferrari left side view larger image Acer Ferrari back side view larger image Acer Ferrari keyboard area view larger image Free mouse included! Interestingly though, there is a button at the front of the laptop accessible when even closed that will acee or disable bluetooth.

Acer Ferrari Out of the Box view larger image. Not a great mouse per say, but it looks good and is functional. The sensational design is the icing on the cake.

About the Ferrari name, basically they license Acer to make a computer with their logo on it. Visit our network of sites: The inclusion of RPM hard disk produces good results. The front of the Acer Ferrari is the most interesting as it contains a pair of speakers with one in each side as well as a built-in 5-in-1 card reader to the left.


Performance works perfectly and is insanely fast Easilly customizable 64 bit procesor ensures future viability Included extras are a very nice touch Cons seriously, this is all of them, not including that EVERYONE will notice your laptop: I was conflicted with this processor. According to the keypad size these don’t look odd. All aecr easy to use, and convenient.

Acer Ferrari 5000

Sitting idle it heats up to around degrees Celsius and perhaps 50 while playing games for an extended period of time. The touchpad comes with a very cool software, Synaptics touchpad fergari.

Very easy to put in, as it just fits in the back. The Keyboard is slightly curved making it a little easier to type and also looking just that much sharper.