Next, go to http: Do not go any further at this point without rebooting into the eeepc kernel. Please do not test the kernel in the daily folder, but the one all the way at the bottom. However, I tried only the network-manager option and didn’t try the other options as they didn’t seem general enough to capture all roaming wifi’s and seemed like I need to add password to a text file of sorts! To install the VoodooHDA. Shutdown Problems , also just fixed wireless not working sometimes by disabling bootbooster in my BIOS.

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Ethernet will not work until you install the kext above. The B is the first of the Eee PC line of computers that supports ralinj.

Hardware-specific configuration

Other EEE netbooks seem to have issues with multiple wireless drivers, like in this thread. For instance, I couldn’t use the NetbookInstaller.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Install OS X from image or disk.

Nevertheless, after performing all the post-installation mods and repairs my H is totally functional, excluding the wireless Ralink RT card let’s hope for their drivers. According to Asus, the name Eee derives from “the three Es”, an abbreviation of its advertising slogan for the device: Don’t know if that is just a issue I am having let me know what your experiences are.


The early model Eee PCs use a solid-state drive for storage instead of a hard drivewhich consumes less power when in use, allows the device to boot faster, generates no noise, and is less susceptible to 1000hd shock damage than hard drives. After wake up from sleep wifi and Bluetooth seem not to connect. Comparison of netbooks Netbook manufacturers Comparison of netbook-oriented Linux distributions.

Posted October 16, When moved just 15 feet away, it drops the connection within seconds. 1000hs Costella jpcostella wrote on The following are known to work on most models:. There was one thing I forgot to change.

Feel free to take my files and modify your installation in anyway. I believe the system halts correctly but somehow dosn’t pass the correct powerdown info to the 1000eh, so the machine stays on.

Asus Eee PC

The Netbook Is Dead”. The E fixes some of the problems with the C by using a faster processor, 2GB memory and stereo speakers. A similar panning effect can be achieved on other Linux systems using xrandr.

Older models, A use the Atheros ARx chip. Ralikn from the original on 22 November Now the wireless is really not in use and the wireless hasn’t enough power to reconnect.


Asus he Ralink trouble – LAN and Wireless – InsanelyMac Forum

Sign In Sign Up. Originally, when installing this I did have a few problems, mainly with getting dual booting to work, but doing exactly what I did above in the order I galink above everything works swimmingly. What would you reccommend? One of the biggest consumers of power on a laptop is the wireless radio.

– Asus HE Wireless Issues – Ask Ubuntu

Kext Helper and Kext Utility. Wpa supplicant with PSK A more elegant solution to connect to one or more access points either with or without encryption is to use wpasupplicant.

Mobile Me is offline dalink I moved the files to my drop box. Some of the above operating systems, while they may have been available, and some barely worked sluggishly, are no longer up to date.

One could choose with a simple Fn key combination what graphics mode to operate in: Need help running Linux on your netbook? Archived from the original on 15 December